You can unsubscribe from email job alerts like so:

  1. Enter your Aira applicant account email and password at

  1. In your account, go to “Settings”.


  1. Go to “Followed Companies”. Toggle job alerts on or off by clicking the button to the right of each company.


  1. You can also activate or deactivate job alerts for all offers with 1 click. To deactivate them, click on “deactivate” at the end of the list of companies and then click “Confirm”.




You can also unsubscribe from companies


This way, you remove the company from your list of "Followed Companies" and you automatically cancel all the applications you may have made with them.


Go to “Followed Companies”, click on the three dots on the side of the company name, and select the option “Remove me from the company”. 


Specify the reason why you want to perform this action and confirm by clicking the “Remove me from the company” button.