We regret your decision, keep in mind that closing your account means that all the applications you have made are deactivated and access to the platform is blocked.

However, it is not a problem if you prefer that we do not save your information.

According to our Conditions of Use, presented at the time of your registration, we only save your data to facilitate your future processes and we exclusively share your information with the companies to which you are currently applying. You will always have the opportunity to get off any process and/or delete your data in general from AIRA.

Steps to delete your Aira account:

  1. Enter your Aira applicant account email and password at https://login.airavirtual.com/.

  1. In your account, go to “Settings”.


  1. Go to “Manage my applications” and select “Delete Account”. 


  1. Specify the reason why you want to perform this action, and confirm by clicking the “Delete account” button.


When deleting your account, remember that:

  • This cannot be undone.

  • Your data will be deleted from all your applications, from the companies' Talent Bases, and from your Candidate Profile.

  • Access to Aira for your email address will be blocked.

  • You will no longer receive emails to apply for job offers from companies that recruit with Aira.