The steps to upload documents in Aira are:

  1. Open the email from the company requesting your documents.

  1. Click the “Upload your documents here” button.

  1. You will be directed to the "Validation Information" section on the platform. In “Validation Documents” click “Complete”.

  1. You will find the details of the documents requested by the company. Select the documents one by one by clicking the "Not Sent" button, so that you can upload them.

  1. For each document, a window will open so you can upload the file, selecting "Attach" and then "Save".

  1. A window will open so you can validate the information uploaded. Once you submit the document, you will not be able to modify it.

  1. As you upload your documents, their status will be updated on the platform, going from “Not Sent” to “Sent”. So you can know which ones you have yet to upload to the platform.

If the "Upload your documents here" button does not work, you can go directly to and log in with your email and password. In your application, you will find an option to complete the validation documents. Then repeat steps 3 through 7.

Remember that Aira allows you to upload documents in six formats: (.pdf) (.jpg) (.png) (.doc) (.docx) and (.rtf)