You have two ways to do this:

From the company's employment portal or from a specific offer

  1. Employment portal: Enter the company profile and click "Follow Company".


  1. Specific offer: Follow the offer link and click the "Follow Company" button.



Following a business marks it with a "New" tag in your applicant account.

From your applicant account

  1. Enter your Aira applicant account email and password at

  1. In your account, go to “Settings”, "follow companies".

  1. Go to “Job alerts”, and in “Preferred places” and “Preferred areas”, select a maximum of 3 places of interest and up to 3 preferred areas of the companies you are following.

Remember that you will receive notifications of new offers by email IF all of the following conditions are met:


  • It's from a company that you're following.

  • It is from a (sub)area of interest that you have selected.

  • It is from a place of interest that you have chosen.

  • It is an offer that has been published within the last few days.


The notifications will reach you by email like so: