In your Aira profile, you can complete/edit the information on your CV and record your video presentation directly on the platform. Remember that the companies you apply to will be able to see this information.

With this resource, you can save time in your applications. Your profile information will be automatically uploaded for all future processes you apply to. Additionally, you can update your information whenever you want, using any device.

To do so:

  1. Enter your Aira applicant account email and password at

  1. Expand the drop-down menu of options and go to “My profile”.

  1. Start completing/editing the “My CV (Resumé)” section of your profile. 

Personal information:


Work Experience:

Software, languages and skills:

Employment conditions:

  1. To record/re-record your general video, go to the “Video Presentation” section. Select the “Record Video Presentation” option.