Unless an email says otherwise, or the vacancy is in "Completed" or "Closed" status; there is no deadline to complete the tests.

You can finish your tests whenever and wherever you want, but consider that recruiters are already evaluating candidates and they are the ones who close the offer when they see fit.

The sooner you finish it, the better. Therefore, we recommend completing the tests within 1-2 days.

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to modify the answers or tests once submitted. However, these can be edited from your next application.

Once you have sent your answers, wait quietly while the recruiters evaluate the rest of the applications. Generally, companies take between 1 to 4 weeks to make a decision. However, there is no established deadline, so you should wait for the communication through the platform.  If you are selected, you will be notified with the next steps to follow.

If the vacancy for which you were applying is in "Finished" status, it means that the process has been closed by the company that owns the offer.

The company may close the vacancy when it deems it necessary, and it may do so because the vacancy offered has already been filled, or because the company has given up continuing with the process.