The steps to enter references' details in Aira are:

  1. Open the email from the company requesting your references.

  1. Click the “Leave your references here” button.

  1. You will be directed to the "Validation Information" section on the platform. In “Employment References” click "Complete".

  1. You will find details of the information needed to contact your references. Complete the information for all the requested references (they can be from 1-3), clicking the "Save and Continue" button as you go along.

  1. When you have completed all the information, confirm that the uploaded data is correct by pressing "Send". If you want to make any changes, you can click the edit icon on the right-hand side of each reference.

  1. A window will open with the details of your references. Initially, they will all have a “Pending” status. The status will change to “Referral Completed” as your references complete their assessment.

If the "Upload your documents here" button does not work, you can go directly to and log in with your email and password. In your application, you will find an option to complete your employment references (repeat steps 3 to 6).

Note that:


  • The email you enter must have a corporate domain (Example: for your references to be accepted. Personal emails with domains such as, @, etc. are not acceptable as references.

  • To avoid any errors when completing your referee's information, remember that the "Start Date" and "End Date" fields are mandatory and must be entered correctly.

  • The fields "Start Date" and "End Date" are mandatory and must be entered correctly. If the start date is after the end date, it will produce an error. The same will happen if the end date is after the current date.




  • If after several days your references have not been sent, please contact your referees directly so they may respond faster. If this is not possible, think of another person who can support your application and edit the information entered on the platform with the new referee's details. We will show you how to do it here.