Aira will enable the field options: “Undergraduate Area of Study”, “Profession”, “Type of Educational Institution” and “University/Institution”, depending on the “Education Level” that you selected. Make sure you choose the correct level.



For example, if you choose "Secondary" for "Education Level", all the aforementioned fields will only have the option "None" available to select.



In turn, the "Almost graduated Area of Study" you select will determine the available options that will appear in the "Profession" field. Make sure you are choosing the correct area.



With this in mind, we recommend the following:


  • Select the highest “Educational Level” that you have reached among those available and choose the “Undergraduate Area of Study” that best describes your degree.


  • If, after correcting it, your exact "Profession" still does not appear as an option, choose the one that has the most similar profile to yours.



We know that there is a wide range of degrees available that you may have studied, but remember that Aira conducts your assessment across multiple dimensions. So the correct name of your degree can be included in your CV / Resumé


However, you can help us expand the options available on the platform. If you think that any degree should be integrated, we ask you to tell us the exact name via This way we can evaluate whether it is appropriate to include it in our list. Thank you so much for your support!