Here is a guide to common mistakes when conducting a Video-Interview:

✅- Internet: Using Stable WIFI Connection.

Most likely, the WIFI connection is not stable. Try connecting to another network or wait a few minutes, until the connection is stable and try again.

✅- Verification Problem

Enter the following link that explains how to solve it:

 ✅- Camera or Microphone Recognition

You should check your device settings and enable camera/microphone for all apps and make sure it is not being used in another app on the device.

Check out a guide that can help you to configure your camera, in case you are on a computer by clicking here:

Check out a guide that can help you set up your microphone, by clicking here: 

If you are from a cell phone check this link: 

✅- You only manage to record 5 seconds

You are probably in the "Video Test" stage where you only have 5 seconds to verify that the camera/microphone is working properly, press "Continue" to advance with your test.

✅- Cell phone does not allow delivery

Enter the following link that gives you other tips that might help you:

✅- Video duration: Must be minimum 30 seconds and maximum 60 seconds.

✅- The record button does not appear.

Try to test from a different browser than the one you are using or if possible try from another de