The video interview consists of recording a short video (as you do on WhatsApp, for example) in which you must answer 1 or 2 questions posed by the hiring company to get to know you better.


You will find out the questions once you log on to complete the test.


Remember to get to the point and focus on what you really want to share, as you will only have 1 minute to respond.


This test does not replace the face-to-face interview. Take it as a first impression for the company.


It is NOT the same as the general video.


General Video

Video Presentation

Allows free recording about your professional profile, without answering specific questions.

Ask 1 or 2 specific questions, decided by the company.

You can update it as many times as you want and at any time.

It allows for a single recording, without the possibility to edit once it has been uploaded. 

It can be used in more than one application.

It can only be used for each particular offer.

If you had problems recording or sending your video interview, you can review this document: