Aira's software is designed to work under any operating system and device, including cell phones. Being used successfully by millions of applicants every month. However, like any technological system, it is impossible to prevent a very small minority from experiencing unexpected situations when completing a test.

We understand that unforeseen things can happen while taking your test, but it is NOT possible to repeat any test in Aira, regardless of the context. Our goal as a company is to provide equal opportunities and conditions to all our candidates. By inviting some to repeat their tests and not others, we would be generating unequal conditions.

It is impossible for us to differentiate between candidates with:

  • Real Problems: Technical problems, misunderstood instructions, etc.

  • Invented Problems: Excuses to take the test again, and thus obtain a better score in a current or future application.

We recognize that our policy could be interpreted as being "unfair" to people who failed to complete their tests due to technical issues, but we believe it would be even more unfair to relax our rules and indirectly benefit candidates with made-up problems. A case that, unfortunately, we also see very often.

Keep in mind that Aira measures your abilities across multiple dimensions. Therefore, a test alone will not determine the result of your application if you genuinely meet the company's requirements.

We wish you all the success in your application and thank you very much for your understanding!